Isn’t it just frustrating when you’re CONSTANTLY interrupted by everyday life.


Finding out where you can peacefully write songs can be frustrating.


The pets needs attention. Your house is a bit messy. You have jobs you could be getting on with. You’re not comfortable enough. Hunger strikes again! That book isn’t going to finish reading itself!

Any of this sound familiar?

You’re not alone in this! So many people have stumbled into this conversation with me over the years. I always think the same things…


“Is it really too much to ask to have somewhere to just relax… where nothing can distract you?”



This magical… elusive place can make the world of difference to your creativity


The truth is, these places are very difficult to find. From a psychological perspective, our initial instinct is to fill gaps in our lives. We don’t tend to leave room for space!

So many times, I’ve been interrupted in the middle of my creative flow and it’s just the worst feeling… It leaves you feeling unfulfilled and sometimes just that little bit pissed off!

If you’re struggling to break down the barriers of household-life in order to really find room to concentrate and focus, then you may need to change a few things about your lifestyle.

Nothing too major! Just enough to allow yourself to feel more at home in your own house…


1. Set aside some time for yourself

Whether it’s an hour a day, an hour a week or an entire weekend. Make some time to allow yourself to switch off from the outside world and make way for your creativity! It could be painting, designing or even recording a Podcast (we do that!) … but for the sake of sticking to our theme, let’s say you’re setting time aside for playing an instrument or writing songs!!


2. Make sure everything important has been dealt with

If all of the important things that were on your mind are not dealt with, prior to the time you’ve designated towards your creativity, then I’m afraid putting time aside for yourself will be pointless. You know you’re only going to be thinking about those other things!


3. Turn OFF your mobile phone!

That’s right. You know it makes sense. That person you follow on Instagram is not more important than your creative outlet! Mobiles are the worst distractions in our everyday lives these days. Of course they are useful, yet they seem to take up a hell of a lot of our time. Just put it down or turn it off for the amount of time that you’ve given yourself.


4. Get comfy!

Possibly the most important step! If you’re not comfortable, you can fall into the trap and subconsciously seek an escape to somewhere you’ll be more comfortable. You may start to look for something easier.

Thinking as logically as possible, being comfortable directly helps you to write songs.

Bare this in mind…

Even when watching television, if you feel uncomfortable, you move and for that instant, your attention is broken. Imagine having your attention broken half way through a great idea!!


5. Set a stop watch for the time you’d like to finish

Not that creativity should have a schedule, but for those of us who struggle to find the time or who find it difficult focusing, it really helps not having to keep time. This is also extremely useful if, like me, you find that you get very carried away when you’re doing something you enjoy. Time just seems to zip past and you’re often left wondering how you’ve managed to remain focused for so long!

So now that we’ve shared the “mentality” side of the approach, we’re going to get into the main point…


So where should you write your songs?


Let’s be honest, your bedroom tends to be the best place for you to spend time, where nobody is likely to pester you (rooms may differ for each of us of course, this is just the most likely scenario).

Let’s say you have some time free every… Saturday afternoon, for example. Just for an hour or so! This is the time for you to get your creative hat on!

Just spend some time sorting out whichever room is the least popular among your household. Make it comfortable, so you can just chill out!

Grab your pen/pencil and grab your “SONG BOOK” that you bought 3 years ago and haven’t used yet!

Just sit there with your book and pen at one side and your instrument in hand. Let everything else float out of your mind! At that moment, until that alarm goes, it’s your time to be creative!

Bean Bags


Alternatively, booking out a practice space for a couple of hours can be a great way to avoid the distractions of a house. It’s a more costly approach, of course, which may not even fit kindly with your schedule. Certainly worth mentioning for those who are able though!


Keep Playing & Good Luck

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