You’re missing out!


There are endless methods in how to promote your music on  Pinterest . You’ll discover 10 of them right here!

They’ll help you in gathering suitable traffic to wherever you host your music…

Excluding  Facebook !! – You really shouldn’t be hosting your music on Facebook anyway… but it wouldn’t matter because Pinterest and Facebook don’t allow cross-platform linking. They don’t get along very well!

So, in case any of you are uncertain as to which music hosting platforms would benefit you the most, here’s the shortlist and the reasons:


Your own website.


This is by far the best option. If you go through WordPress and purchase a domain, you pretty much have complete control over everything. You get to host your music directly on your website to do with as you please (sell, stream, showcase, hide etc). You also get huge amounts of up-to-date statistics and it’s just as cheap as using sites like Squarespace or Wix. In fact, we’ve found it to be exceptionally cheap (less than £3 per month). YouTube has thousands of helpful videos to assist you in designing and building your own website.




Although… YouTube will only be useful to you if you have somewhere for your listeners to go from there. It’s fine hosting your music on there (or even just teasers!) with a link to either your website or a site such as bandcamp, where listeners can purchase your music.

They’re basically your best options. Hosting music on bandcamp (or a site similar to that) can be really useful… but don’t just rely on Facebook to drive all of your traffic.

Look further afield. YouTube is great, Relevant Online Forums are fantastic. Relevant Facebook GROUPS can be useful sometimes (although your posts don’t remain relevant for very long).

But Pinterest is where you’ll really hit some serious traffic.

Don’t fall into the career-ending trap of thinking Pinterest is just another social media site to maintain. It isn’t.

Pinterest is a search engine, so if you use words in your Pins, your name and your description.. then you will be found by the most relevant people. At least 90% of Buden Bay’s followers on Pinterest are music-related, so they have searched for music or some other keyword that we’ve put into a Pin or our description etc… and they found us and followed us. It’s that simple. Think of it as baby-Google! with followers!

I truly urge you to utilise Pinterest.

And so, below, I’ll describe 10 different ways in which you can utilise Pinterest and its incredible traffic-generating capabilities…


How To Promote Your Music On Pinterest - 10 Easy Methods - Pin Art - Jam Tavern


10 Ways To Promote Your Music On Pinterest



1. Album Art


Or any art from your musical releases. Pinterest loves art! If you can host all of your artistic content on Pinterest and continue sharing all of it to different boards every now and again, you’ll find your pins start to gain traction.

Like everything in this list, you still need to use suitable keywords.


2. Band Photography


Again, Pinterest loves art. Photography is great in the Art industry. Plenty of people are always looking for it and releasing photographs can help to boost the awareness of your brand / image.

You can Pin photographs from gigs, with other bands or with your fans and friends. Even photos of band members with their family members is useful to your marketing.

Just think, as much as you should always say “quality over quantity”, you also need to try to swamp your niche on Pinterest. Everything in this list is fairly easy to do. Photographs are some of the easiest! Get as many as possible onto Pinterest and link them all to your music.


3. Event Art


Whether it’s a pub or a theatre, you should be promoting your event with a poster or digital art. Even if it’s just a free A4 style image, made on Canva or if you have a bigger budget and get a pro in to do it.

Pin them all!

Here’s one of the pins I designed for my own event:


Behind The Acoustic LIVE 2 @ The Thirsty Scholar - December 10th 2017


4. Lyric Snippets with a Background


Pick out some of your favourite original lyrics. Again, use a free image-editing site (I use Canva to do all of the art for Buden Bay) and type your favourite section of those lyrics and put them over a cool background image. There are loads of rights-free images all over the internet. Make sure they’re definitely rights-free!!


5. Band Reviews with a Background


Choose some positive review snippets and type them over another great background image. The reviews can come from anyone! and although it’s courteous to mention the writer. On a Pin, it’s not completely necessary although it does offer that extra “real-factor”!!


6. Your Music Videos


This should go without saying!… Your music videos often take just as long to produce as your music, so why wouldn’t you want to showcase them?!

Hosted on YouTube, they can be extremely popular and they often receive far more views / listens than wherever you host your music elsewhere, even your own website.

This video:music ratio tends to stay very similar on Pinterest too. YouTube Pins do fairly well, even though the size of these Pins are much smaller than most others.


7. Full Lyric infographics


An incredible way to get noticed on search engines is to engage with relevant keywords. What could be more relevant to your music than your own lyrics!

To do an infographic you may need to adjust the size of your text to fit the whole song within the dimensions.

The perfect dimensions for infographics on Pinterest in 2017/2018 is:

736 pixels wide x 2400 pixels long

If you find that might be too long, then reduce the length accordingly.

Then, finally, post your lyrics into the description on your pin too. That’s where the keywords go!


8. “How To Play [song name]” with chords and lyrics


Just like the infographic on number 7, you can design a Pin with keywords “How to learn ___” or “How to play ___” on a specific instrument. You can also include your lyrics in the description again if you like but the main point to this Pin is to grab the attention of the learner instrumentalists. Make it easy to read, a simply laid out lyric sheet with chord names over the lyrics would be ideal. If you write melodies and riffs instead of chord-based songs, you may struggle a little more with this. Although! one thing I could suggest would be to find a way to write out the tab or music for a short section of your song online, then use the windows Snipping Tool to screenshot it and place that image onto your infographic!… Tadaaa.


9. Live Stream Video Thumbnails


If you enjoy doing live-streaming for your band or as a solo artist, then consider finding a way to save them onto your website or your YouTube channel (be careful not to swamp your YouTube channel with unsuitable videos though, place them in their own folder). From there, you can embed them onto Pinterest using their thumbnails.

Again, remember to utilise the description box for keywords!

One which I’ve found to work really well is instrumental play-throughs of your music. It could take a little more effort if you want them to look professional but they work great for your Social media, Pinterest, Hosting channels, website and your own self-esteem. When you know you nailed a song “live” and it’s now out there for the world to see, you feel fuckin’ awesome!


10. Blogs


It’s easy for me to say “write blogs” because it’s what I do but honestly, there are so many avenues for attracting audiences via writing content for your site. When Google picks up on the fact that you are consistently releasing something from your website, you will gradually rise up the search rankings. Within the blog, you can talk about anything you want! What is there to consider? It doesn’t take a lifetime to write something, especially if it’s meaningful to you in some way. Writing about your band or the songs you’ve written should be easy.

A few title examples would be:

  • The meaning behind [song name]
  • [band name]’s Review Of Our Tour Of The UK
  • Review Of Our Gig In [venue name]
  • Why We LOVE [instrument brand name]

That last one is an incredible idea for any artist out there who is eventually going to be looking for endorsement deals. I’ll be writing a fair few suck-up blogs about my favourite brands once my own website is fully designed and completed.


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