Are you struggling to find people who are willing to buy into your music?

When you see the iconic songwriters and instrumentalists from around the world, you may see them as being the lucky few…

The ones who were in the right place at the right time.


Honestly, this is the case for only an extremely small percentage of them!


More often than not, these iconic songwriters have simply become exceptional at their jobs.

They will have spent years and years organising, documenting, researching and practicing everything in their professional field. Almost everything in their career was deliberately put together that way! It didn’t just fall into place.

Welcome to Jam Tavern’s first blog. My name’s Jake McCullough and although I’ve spent a long…. long time studying music and being an all-round musician and songwriter, I’m also an advocate of Personal Development.

All of the iconic songwriters of the past and the present started from the same level of musicianship as everybody else.


The exact same place as everybody here, reading this blog!


The only difference is that they took their creativity and professional life extremely seriously. To the point where they would focus on personal development. How to better their ability to focus, how to improve their will-power when they go through writer’s block… (which everybody goes through!)… Heck, many of them will have altered their food intake and their health so that they could stay focused for longer.

It honestly can go that deep! It’s something I’ve seen plenty of successful entrepreneurs doing. It’s something many of my successful music industry tutors have done and now it’s something that I have committed myself to. Think of it as simply Self-Improvement

This level of focus is necessary to grow into the ultimate version of yourself. It greatly improves your lifestyle, attitude and also your attention to detail within your career.


This was a slightly longer intro to the blog than I’d hoped to write but I promise you that it’s one that you should take on board, in order to better your chances of earning and maintaining a great lifestyle in the music industry and what will basically become your self-employed career.


Onto the real reason you’re here!!


Now, understandably, many artists aren’t looking for super-stardom. They just wanna be heard!


If you fit into that description, then this blog should help you to make the best decisions possible for your music releases.


We’re gonna look at how you can get the best outreach possible! How you can make the best (informed) decisions for your career, with your releases! And how you can retain an audience for the time between your releases.


Important Decisions When Releasing Music - Pin Art


As aspiring professional musicians, we create a voice in order to reach our target audience

In order to gain this desired voice, we commit to some (or all) of the following:

  • Composing in specific styles,
  • Working with other musicians,
  • Buying effects pedals and software packages to help mould our sound,
  • Using customised promoting / marketing methods in order to reach the right people! (your target audience)

That may seem like a lot of work…

That’s because it is! 😋


While some pay attention to these things, others will avoid conforming to hard work and dedication at all costs… and remain hopeful of a successful release…


Unfortunately, the swing-and-hope-for-a-hit method never works.

No doubt you’ve come across a band or an artist who believed that they’d found all of music’s hidden secrets! They don’t need to put in the extra mile of effort because they’re right and everybody else is wrong… blah blah blah… (cough! – bullsh*t – cough!)

I’m fairly confident in assuming that if they’ve released anything, it wont have been met with much positive response… right!

(Their friends and family don’t count).


Link any successful local bands in the description. It doesn’t matter where you live, this is the internet! Everybody’s local!

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If you want to be a professional, first of all, you can’t portray yourself as a know-it-all douche bag. That just turns people against you and destroys your future opportunities.

Form well-organised plans and making informed decisions whenever/wherever your music career is involved, will get you results.

Be smart about it. Be creative! but most of all, cater to your target audience.


Quick Tip


Here are some decisions you’ll need to make before your next release:


What style of music do you write / play?

This should be your primary focus when deciding upon who your target audience actually is.


What style of release should you commit to?

After you’ve figured out your preferred style of music and then who your target audience would be, you can start being more precise. Do some research. Does that kind audience tend to prefer live versions of their favourite music or studio versions? Do they prefer album or EP?

Believe me, the more intricately you design your release, the more you will be able to understand who you should be promoting it to. All of this = more sales!

After you’ve finished here, I urge you to take a look at How To Promote Your Music Using Pinterest (It’s a search engine, not social media. Go take a look!)


What instruments will you be using?

For those of you who may have not thought about it… a Fender Telecaster guitar will sound very different to a Gibson Les Paul guitar. Make sure you’re not missing out on something that could be pivotal in creating a great sound for yourself! Get the right equipment for the job. Perhaps even borrow or hire!


Who will design the artwork?

As much we, at Jam Tavern, believe that it all comes down to great music, you can’t underestimate the importance of the visual aspect in music.

Even “the Black album” has artwork. It may just be a simple black cover but black is undeniably the colour for metal music? It’s so simple but extremely clever.

Check out the industry artwork for your chosen genre.


How will you promote it?

All of your hard work and effort has been narrowing down to this. The promotional campaign.

If nobody is looking forward to your release, you’re doing something wrong! Make sure you learn how to utilise advertising tools such as social media and web-forums to gain as many followers as possible before the release.

Will you contact reviewers? bloggers? journalists? podcasts? Radio stations?…

I just want to add… don’t become carried away with social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. All that they can offer you is a number. A follower count. Facebook groups are useful for engagement but otherwise, it’s almost pointless.

Search engines are the truly useful sites. Again, I will mention Pinterest. I will mention online forums.

You WILL need a website. To find any success online, you need somewhere that stores all of your work. All of your creativity. You could offer some kind of regular content on there (like a blog! look at how you got here for example! It’s clearly effective).


Will you have a release gig?

It’s not the most important thing when it comes to showcasing your new music but it certainly is a good start! It gives your local fan base a chance to see your new music before the rest of the world can see it! If you have any super-fans who are a little further afield, they will most likely appreciate this kind of show too!


The hard work doesn’t end there!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a music release is an easy form of passive income. It certainly can act as a very good form of passive income, but the success of your release will be determined by your ability (or inability…) to make the best choices throughout the process leading up to it.

All of the greats in the music industry have taken their roles very seriously. We would always advise you to do the same if you are wanting to establish a career for yourself in this industry.


Keep Playing & Good Luck

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