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Top 10 Reasons To Be A Band Member - Pin Art - Jam Tavern


1. You learn, together.


This may seem like it’s meant for beginner musicians who are just forming their first group but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

We each offer our thoughts, our creativity and our skills to the collective, in any band that we’re a part of.

The people you’re in a band with will learn from you and you’ll learn from them.

You’ll go through great moments and poor moments, as a group. You’ll learn from every moment and eventually become a well-oiled machine!


2. You push one another to improve and to become better than before.


Ever heard the phrase There’s no I in team???

Of course you have. It’s so true. In fact, I mentioned, in a previous blog, that you don’t need a captain in this kind of team.

You help one another in becoming the best players, performers and composers that each of you can possibly be.

When one of you improves, it boosts the others. Think of it as a relationship, except 3 or more people are involved!


3. You’re a part of a creative team.


Every individual in the group is entitled to voice their own ideas and opinions. Otherwise, what’s the point!

Being in a band gives people a great form of creative outlet. Songwriting, organising set lists, learning new techniques and new songs… it’s all so creative.

The best part is that there can be an end goal!

It could be:

  • An album release,
  • A gig,
  • An E.P release,
  • To book a tour,
  • To headline your favourite venue,
  • Having multiple labels fight over your band’s signature!

You see, there are so many fantastic reasons to be in a band, but if the aims of each individual members aren’t even similar, then there needs to be a discussion over how to cater to everybody’s aims and aspirations. One member could really badly want to release an album while the other members think that smaller, more frequent releases are the way to go.

Think of it like this, if you hate work, you’ll put in less effort than you would if you loved it. If you knew there was something really great to come out of it.

It’s no different in a band scenario. When somebody’s aims and aspirations are ignored, don’t expect them to give their all. Make it a greater collective effort by striving to complete everybody’s goals and where there is clash, offer some give-and-take.

That feeling you get when everything falls into place… it’s euphoric. Mesmerising.

Imagine winning a trophy with your local sports team or finish running a marathon with your mates! That’s how it feels to be part of a band that works for each member.

4. You get a creative outlet.


You feel a great sense of achievement when your ideas come to life.

It’s a sensation unlike any other, when you see that your idea turns into something big. Something with meaning.

I’m not just talking about song ideas turning into full songs either. By “ideas”, it could be an idea to play a certain venue or for the band to invest in a certain piece of equipment. Any ideas members have can go towards the results of the band. It’s almost as if every member of a company is an equal CEO. Everybody has a say in the direction of the band.

In terms of songwriting, nothing can equate to the feelings you get when your song idea comes to life with the rest of the band. You feel achievement, a confidence boost, a euphoric sensation, acceptance and pride (among loads of other great feelings!).


5. There’s more than one mind at play, when it comes to all the hard work behind-the-scenes.


Being a solo musician, you do all the jobs by yourself, work out all the finances, write all the parts and book every last gig.

In a group, the duties are shared and everybody should feel like it’s less of a chore and more of a useful job that will eventually gather more momentum for the band.

This means equal share in responsibilities, equal spoils!

Even when we talk about social media and real-life socialising, each member should really be pulling their weight!

Marketing and promoting isn’t easy either. You need more than one person working on the online marketing platforms.

In fact, to help with this, I wrote another blog called How To Promote Your Music On Pinterest . That should help with free, effective marketing for your band.

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6. Promotion via word of mouth is multiplied by the number of members.


Music Promotion is something that has to be taught.

I touched on this topic in number 5.

When promoting via socialising, it’s always beneficial to have strength in numbers.

Imagine how many people you could talk to, at one of your gigs, as a solo musician… Now imagine how many people you (and the rest of your band!) could speak to, at one of your band’s gigs.

Once a few of your band’s members understand online promotion, getting your word out should be a walk in the park!


7. When a group works well together, it shows.


When you see a well-rehearsed group of musicians performing their amazing originals on stage, there’s nothing quite like it.

As a member of the audience, you feel great, just watching it!

This may just be something I’ve noticed but the reaction to your music becomes much greater and seems more sincere when your band performs like a well-rehearsed team.

When you’ve had a bad gig, even if you’re professional enough not to make it obvious, the audience still tends to know. No matter how drunk they are! No matter how many friends or family members offer their kind words, it’s the words of the random strangers that matter. If the feedback seems disingenuous, then it probably is. Sincerity is something that can’t be well-faked.

When your band have put on a great performance, people will be excited to share their thoughts with you.

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” — Milton Glaser

This is so true!


8. Opportunities multiply.


As mentioned in number 6, when you have multiple people going around, talking about your band, promoting, you have a greater audience than if one person did it alone.

This doesn’t just relate to converting people into fans.

Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes, such as finding gigs, booking the band into festivals, getting onto radios, making connections with the right people… etc.

With more people looking for those opportunities, your band will certainly find more of them.


9. Your band mates can cover for you if you make a mistake.


Possibly my favourite part of being in a well-rehearsed band.

If I ever make a mistake like accidentally pulling out my guitar lead (yep, I stood on it… that was before I learnt to loop it around the strap…), I can count on my band to cover for me.

That’s impossible as a solo artist. You’re up there on your own.

It works both ways too. I once covered for a synth player, when his instrument just turned off… by altering my sound into something more “full” and well-rounded in the EQ levels, and played his part on guitar. He was professional enough to not make a scene out of it and I had my head screwed on, to help him out. It only took a few clicks of a pedal and a quick few glances over at the band to reassure them. Then, it was up to him to subtly let me know when he was able to continue.


10. When one person in a band succeeds, the band succeeds.


I wrote a song when I was 14, which actually won an award for the band I was in back then.

The song’s called “Three Swords” and it won a free professional studio session for the band. We were only 14 so getting into a studio to record the song professionally was quite an achievement. It wasn’t just me who won that award.

I may have written the song but the guys played it with me.

They’re just as responsible for winning that award as I am.

Another example: I actually won a singer-songwriter award, which awarded me a local radio interview. I didn’t talk about myself as a singer-songwriter for very long before I turned the topic onto the band. Free promotion to a local audience.

When one person succeeds, the band succeeds and it boosts each and every person within it.

Which leads me nicely to my final thought:


Positivity breeds positivity


I urge you to have a JAM with some local musicians. It may spur you on to forming a band of your own!

If you’re already a band member, share this blog with them!! Make your band experience one that will last a lifetime. Build opportunities together and grow as a unit. If you have your own personal goals in music, then let the success of your band boost your momentum in reaching your personal goals too!

Want an example!…

Let’s say you want to be endorsed by your favourite brand of instrument.

To get there, you need to be recognised, professional, popular and active in music. Both in real-life and online, socially.

Reaching those heights on your own is bordering impossible! Make your aims a reality by accepting help and putting everything you can into the success of yourself and those who are alongside you in a band. You’ll reach those personal goals with intelligence and determination! Good luck!


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