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My name’s Jake McCullough and with me, here at jam tavern, is my good friend Ian Pearce.


I mention on our ABOUT page that Jam Tavern is run by two idiots… That couldn’t be more true!

We goof around… A LOT… but we also know the importance of knowledge and we know the importance of personal development.

We also know there’s nothing wrong with maintaining our sense of humour within our work, so expect some laughs!

Expect us to be pretty chilled out… but most of all, expect to take some valuable tips away from here.



Ian and I have been in the music industry, for about 10 years. We have our own professional goals and we know what it’s like to be struggling musicians. We’ve been there!

We’ve committed to years of hard (paid…) study (and we haven’t stopped there, we’ll continue to learn with you!) but we know it’s not easy to follow your dream and jump into college to study music.

We’re not exactly taught in schools about the many, MANY different income opportunities that are available in the music industry…


That’s why Jam Tavern is here.




To offer you and all other musicians around the world, some real-life, applicable knowledge that can help you to reach and exceed your music career goals.

We understand that it’s likely no two musicians will have the exact same goals for their careers, so although some pieces of content may not be relevant to you, specifically, we’ve designed the Jam Tavern website in a way that is easy to navigate and offers the following content categories, so that you can have all of the relevant content for you, in one place:



Just take a look under BLOGS for more options!


we also offer different styles of content, not just blogs, such as:


  • Podcasts

  • eBooks and other free resources

  • Courses

  • Challenges



If you can’t stay long, let us cherry-pick some of our favourite content for you!



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With so many thousands of you checking out our content, we are so grateful and we hope you can take something truly meaningful from what you have found here.

I hope you’re able to apply it directly to improving your skills, knowledge or income in your music career.

Thank you so much for being such a big part of the Jam Tavern story.


Happy trails!

Jake McCullough & Ian Pearce


Ian Pearce

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