Author: Jake McCullough

How To Build An Engaging Fan Base

Growing an engaging and interactive fan base is tough… yet possible.   You need to ask yourself this… “What makes a fan base engaging or interactive?” There’s a few different answers here… First of all, people could turn up to your shows. That certainly makes them an engaging member of a fan base! But, given the state of the modern music industry, the fact is… your biggest fans can live on the other side of the planet. So, for those who live too far away to watch your live shows, the best ways to show their loyalty and support...

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How To Promote Your Music On Pinterest – 10 Easy Methods

You’re missing out!   There are endless methods in how to promote your music on  Pinterest . You’ll discover 10 of them right here! They’ll help you in gathering suitable traffic to wherever you host your music… Excluding  Facebook !! – You really shouldn’t be hosting your music on Facebook anyway… but it wouldn’t matter because Pinterest and Facebook don’t allow cross-platform linking. They don’t get along very well! So, in case any of you are uncertain as to which music hosting platforms would benefit you the most, here’s the shortlist and the reasons:   Your own website.   This is by...

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5 Ways To Improve Your Career As A Songwriter & Performing Musician

As a performing musician, you meet tough obstacles on a daily basis.   Issues such as “writer’s block” and lack of motivation are very common. These types of issues will come and go, no doubt, for every last one of us. It’s happened to me, it’s happened to my band-mates and it will probably creep up again at some point. We all encounter things like this. BUT there are a hand full of issues that you will come across which you can do something about. There are things that you can do to avoid the problems that I’ll go...

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7 Guitar Amps That Are Well Worthy Of Their Price Tags

There’s some ball-bustin’ amps in this list…   Whether you’re a metal-head or a indie-kid. There’s a formidable amp in this list that you should definitely get your hands on.   Each and every one of these amps are worth their weight in gold (and they all weigh a fuck-ton!)     In no particular order…   First, we have the Vox AC30HW2X:   If you were to ask me what the fuck HW2X meant, I wouldn’t have had a clue before watching Dan Cooper go through some Brian May-style settings in the video below. Vox amps have always been...

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10 Quick & Easy Guitar Chords For Beginners

Are you new to playing the guitar?   Well, we all have to start somewhere.   Hopefully, you find these 10 Easy Guitar Chords to be a useful resource in helping to boost you into “Guitar God” territory!   So , first of all, we have what is called a D Major Open Chord.   Open Chords are those which involve at least 1 open string. In the case of this D Major Open Chord, there is 1 open string, the D string. This chord can be played in two different ways. You can either play each of the...

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