Jam Tavern is run by two idiots…

Ian and Jake.

We’re both guitarists and we both went through music education together.
Most importantly… we’ve both set out to become successful music industry entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to be able to live with complete freedom.

The freedom to choose what kind of work we want to do each day.

The ability to take our families and partners on holidays whenever we want…

In order to do this, we will need to be continually earning via multiple passive-income streams.


But we’re not stupid!

we know that takes time and a lot of hard work.

We’ll never try to make money from something that we’re not proud to release.

Tip: Nor should you! If you’re hoping for similar success, it’s going to take determination and some great work!

Jake’s a guitarist and songwriter with a Degree in Professional Musicianship. Pretty big on personal development too.
Ian’s a guitarist, recording engineer and web designer. He likes procrastinating and he’s a bit of a metal-head!

Why Jam Tavern?


Well, even though we’ve both been through music education [and got pretty good results!], we still had no idea how achieve our goals.

We knew how to make money with music… but our real target had always been to make as much PASSIVE income as possible. No music teachers had been able to tell us how to do that, other than saying “you need to write hits!”…

But we were focused and we certainly knew it was possible in other industries. So why not music?!

This is something a lot of other musicians want! Freedom from the shackles of 9 – 5 work.


I (Jake) got into reading blogs when I joined Pinterest in 2016.

That’s when I came across some incredible websites and resources, such as CreateAndGo.co (run by Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus) and lists of the top 10 entrepreneur podcasts (that’s where I found SelfMadeMan… whose podcasts are superb!)

There are loads of entrepreneurs who use Pinterest to showcase their blogs and websites. People in all different niches, including health and fitness, food, lifestyle, finance and there were the occasional music review blogs as well…

But I noticed a gap in the market… Music Lifestyle

There was no reason why this kind of blog wouldn’t be popular.

As we’ve mentioned, loads of musicians are looking for at least a sustainable income from the music industry, allowing them financial freedom. They just need to know how the industry works!

BOOM… And that’s why Jam Tavern is here! (… yes, I said boom.)

But don’t think that we’re in this to just take people’s money and run! Most of our content is free!

We don’t release anything unless it’s something we are proud to release… so any paid content needs to be something mighty fine!!

We Have Three Major Principles


1. Good Ethics Win. Period:

We would never preach something that hasn’t been tried and tested. Similarly, we will never tell you that there is a get-rich-quick scheme. There is no such thing in this industry. If there was, don’t you think everybody would be doing it!

As much as we have our own goals of reaching financial freedom, we would never let go of our ethics. We will only release the best content that we can make, filled with facts, opinions and proof… no lies!

2. 100% Transparency:

This is something we’ve learnt by reading other blogs. Transparency is key to forming real relationships with you, as our readers.

We want you to know that you’re not just talking to some faceless machine. We’re just two goofy musicians trying to help out the rest of the struggling musicians around the world.

We want to eventually grow into weekly podcasts and video content too, it doesn’t get much more transparent than that!

3. It’s About You, Not Us:

We release a lot of tutorial-style content. It’s not to show how big-headed we are!… It’s to offer you the knowledge that we had to pay megabucks for!

Most importantly, we want you to be earning tons of money as musicians!

Blog Feature Image - Unique Songwriting Style

To be human requires dreams

We’re all born with the ability to dream about something better for ourselves. Giving up on those dreams, without ever trying to reach them, goes against the fighting spirit that you were born to show. It takes away from the “human” element.

To be human requires dreams.

– You don’t need to give up on your dreams in music.
– You’re never too old to pick up an instrument.
– You’re not too inexperienced to succeed.
– You don’t need to go through music education to succeed in music.
– You don’t even need to succeed on the first attempt.
– You DO, however, need to dream. Without dreams, you’re doomed to be unfulfilled.

It’s taken us a few years to reach this belief and these principles.

We thank you for being a part of the Jam Tavern story and we hope that with our help, you can reach your music career goals.