Month: May 2017

Top 10 Underrated Guitar Brands of 2017

Some of these lesser-known guitar brands happen to be cheaper than their industry-leading counterparts. You’ll also find some high-end custom manufacturers in the list, so to maintain some kind of order, we’ve given each brand two separate ratings. The first rating is for average cost:  RED  for Extremely Expensive (anything over £1500)  ORANGE  for Expensive (around the £1000 – £1500 mark)  YELLOW  for Affordable (around the £500 – £1000 mark)  GREEN  for Extremely Affordable (anything under £500) For alternative currencies, you’ll need to firstly check your national suppliers of these instruments, if they are accessible in your country, then check...

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What Makes An Instrumentalist Start Songwriting

Should every instrumentalist become a songwriter?     It may seem quite simple but I originally just assumed that people tend to label themselves as either an instrumentalist OR a songwriter. Then I realised that on my LinkedIn profile (along with other social profiles), I don’t state what kind of musician I am (I’ve changed this since realising!)… Technically, I guess I’m actually both. I played the drums and piano before I started writing songs, then I picked up what I now consider to be my weapon-of-choice!… The guitar. I wanted to figure out where I shifted from being an instrumentalist...

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Asking Band Members For Help With Songwriting

Rest of the band not helping with the songwriting process?   Don’t worry, we’re here to fix that!   Now, I may be wrong but I’ll assume you’re a songwriter! Being a member of a band can be the best team experience you’ll ever have. Then again, if it’s organised badly, it can become monotonous (and even depressing). Some people might not be very good at opening up to others. They might not be confident enough. That doesn’t mean they’re a bad musician… So from experience, stick with them! Help them to grow. That’s the point behind this blog....

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How Much Can A Songwriter Earn?

Ever wondered how much you could be earning, as a songwriter?   Is it possible to earn a sustainable income from writing music?   That’s why we’re here… Let’s find out!     When you think about someone who writes songs for the pop-culture icons (Rihanna, Katy Perry… etc), you might think they’re a league above everybody else, as a songwriter, because they’re earning megabucks… This isn’t necessarily the case. According to Jason Blume, in his article for BMI, many of the big-name stars don’t tend to record songs that either themselves or their producers didn’t have a hand...

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